Saturday, December 09, 2006

LImited Edition - Christmas Pasties!!

Tis' the season! This Limited Edition set includes panties, decorated with mistletoe & snowflakes, in 6 christmasy colors, 6 boob covers in matching colors.. and 3 Prim pasties! Snowflakes, Snowmen, or Mistletoe. Mix and match pieces to create your own sexy seasonal look! This will only be around for a short time and gone before the holiday ends.. so get yours today!! Jingle his bells for christmas!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Favorite things continued..

Added two more christmasy jewelry sets! Festive Holly, for a more elegant seasonal look, and Cheery Snowmen for the casual girl with a fun flirty air about her :)

Both sets are chokers, plus earrings. I didnt think anyone would want snowmen, or holly leaves ALL over the body... Sometimes minimal is just as sexy and cute!

You know where to get them!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

My Favorite things..

One of my favorite things about the winter season is snowflakes. No two are alike. Each one as it falls from the sky, changes and molds through layers of cold air and moisture. Sometimes, if your quick, you can see the intricate design of them, as they land on your windows, in the split second before they melt to oblivion. Heres your chance to wear them :D

Cute little primish snowflakes set, Sparkling silver (no bling) dangled from a black velvet choker. Whole set also includes earrings, bellyring, and nipplerings!

You know where :D

Sunday, November 26, 2006

It's Christmas time.. all over!

So, yeah! I don't normally do decor type things for sell, mostly my own enjoyment, and that of my friends. However the mood struck, and here ya go! Some pretty christmas wreaths with colorable bows, Christmasy olde tyme lamps to light pathways. They are a little primmy, but well worth it if you can spare the prims. For the prim concious there is a lighter prim version :)

Hanging icicles, I loveee these! Great for hanging on all the ledges that collect huge ice crystals in deep winter.

Icicle LIGHTS! You have got to see these. Best Ive seen YET in my first year of Second Life. A big strand of those popular icicle lights, with FIVE patterns! Just like the real life lights. Made by Kenbro Utu, aspiring scipter and maker of cool things guru. You must go see! they are copyable so you can line the whole house! IM Kenbro Utu to see about a gift version.

Friday, November 17, 2006




Accessories, pics


Haha.. anyone else laughing at that goofy, made up word do jour?

Ok.. MOVING on, past copybot and all the ugliness that came with it. Accessories for all the lovely chokers Ive released! Six packs to choose from : Armbands, Earrings, Bellyrings, and Bellychains. Mix them up, or wear then all to match.

Happy Turkeyday everyone! Pics to follow.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Digital Knickers is re-opened..

After much deliberation, and joining in protest with many others, we've decided to re-open The Siren's Grotto. I do not support the CopyBot, or anyone that uses it.

Thank you to all who have shared supportive words, and shown your loyalty :)

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Neck Lovlies

Here are three new neck "laces" for you to munch on. Bloodstone, Romance Stone, and Opal.

Bloodstone has a gothic flair. Lace, ribbons, chain, and a big fat stone to tie it all in together. The lace wraps tighly around the neck, with the effect of the ribbon tied around for good measure.

Romance stone is a more girly version of Bloodstone. A delicate white lace is used, in conjunction with pink ribbon, and stone. For those a little less dark. The ribbons have a slight flex effect, for realism.

Lastly is the Opal Neck Lace. Im personally in love with this one. It is similiar to the Harlequin Choker, in that it has a flouncy lace neck.. but hanging from it is an opal adorned chain. So elegant, and so sexy. It seems to compliment anything I put on with it.

Harlequin Neck "Lace"

Ive had several versions of these for a few weeks now.. and am finally happy with how they turned out! A simple.. yet elegant gothic like choker, made with metals, and delicate laces. They cling to your neck, and have a slight flexi to them, for a real lace flutter effect. They are simply to die for! In three colors.. powder pink, powder blue, powder, and black. Keep an eye out for more of these.. hopefully tomarrow.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Lira's Jewels

I bring you Lira's Jewels. Forever the seductress, she still has a heart... a breakable one. She tries to keep it protected by thorns.. and keep men distracted with the gleam of jewels.
This set is created like Delilah's.. thick heavy sexy metals, adorned with antiqeue-ish colorable jewels. The design itself is more of a heart shape.. a thorny heart.
The set includes:
and Bellychain

Monday, October 30, 2006

Delilah's Jewels

Im getting the itch again, so be on the look out for all the ways I can torture prims to my delight!

Ok.. Delilah's Jewels! Im totally pleased with this set. Its got a heavy, antique-ish feel to it. Big fat jewels that dangle. I like jewelry you can feel hanging on your body. Real pieces that remind you it's not some chotsky dime store find, although don't get me wrong.. you can find the best bracelets at those places! This particular set is meant to be romantic.. sexy.. erotic even. Wear it for a formal event, or a romantic night out. Or even clad in nothing but sheer sexy things. Shoot throw it on with a tank and jeans, for the "Im pretty but I can still kick ass" look :)

Best part about it?? Yep you guessed it.. color changing jewels! Yes! I love to be able to change the look and feel of jewelry.. and make it your own look.. by matching the jewels to your clothing. Ive taken consideration in the texturing, so the jewels DO color quite beautifully, 66 yum-o colors that really just set off the metal in different shades.

The set in whole comes with:


Two Armbands

Two Bracelets



You know where to get it!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Last costume of the season..

Enter "Vampire Lust" modelled after Countess Irina Karlstein, played by the unforgettable Lina Romay. She is a hereditary vampire, mute, who feeds not off blood, but sexual fluids at the point of orgasm – more of a succubus than a vampire. She does not share many characteristics with traditional vampires, for example, she can walk in the daylight and she sleeps in a bed. However, she can turn into a bat.
Get it before it's gone! This will be the last of my halloween edition costumes. Happy Halloween!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

"Ever After" Series II

Another gown, with more delicate laces has arrived :) "Ever After" Series II is slightly more old fashioned looking than my first wedding gown. Flowered lace covers the gown and bodice.. with a panel on the chest semi transparent. Grey pearls trim the bust, and top of the arms. A trailing lace makes up the veil and sleeves, in a beautifully feminine way. This gown is so so pretty.. pictures do not do these laces justice.

Yum-o Chenille

New sweaters out for the chilly weather! Chenille textured, with a deep scoop neck.. and cozy bunched up arms.. these make me want to totally throw on some yoga pants and curl up on the couch with a huge blanket and not come out for days :-)

They sit on the waist at an angle.. much like a real sweater would.. and are trimmed with chenille fringe. A subtle and feminine detail.

Six fall colors to choose from.. enjoy!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

There's no place like Home!

Finally.. Finally..Ive had this for so long.. and finally managed to get all the little pieces and parts ready to package up. I bring you Dorothy! Clad in a gingham blue print, with dense lace. Long knee stockings and poofy shoulders. Just adorable. Ive also had the pleasure of working with Fenom Gasparini of Phenomenom, to create her very own, one of a kind, Ruby Red Slippers! He did a truly superb job on these. The outfit also includes custom gestures, including a "heel click" I mean come'on.. we can't have Dorothy without her clicking her heels in a wish of home!
SO.. You know where to get it! Get it now! Be Original this halloween :)

Enter Bride ...

...of Frankenstein. Im my growing urge to create something creepy, dramatic.. I decided for a Bride for everyones favorite zipperhead. After creating all the right flexi prims for the skirt, and veil.. I began to texture.. and it all was falling into place, except for a skin! I love to model my customes with a skin, and hair.. halloween customes make this ALOT of fun, because everyone is making out of the box things for halloween. So my hunt for a skin began.. when I came across Gala Phoenix's Halloween skins.. OH MAH GUD. Specifically the "Bride" version was exactly what I pictured in this dress. Killer! So then my next hurdle.. hair! What hair would the Bride of Frank wear? After hunting and hunting, I came across Sinnocent Mirabeau's Storm hair. Oh MAH GUD again! Perfect perfect. Totally what I was seeking. Anyway, the final outfit includes the dress shown, veil, blood rose choker, and a prim blood rose that emits particles, held in her hand. There is also a gesture made with the custome, a funny line from the old movie Young Frankenstein, with Gene Wilder.. for a lil bit of humor :-) SO.. you know where to get it.. :-)

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Late weekend posts

Thanks to the grid issue du jour yesterday. Two things.. Velvet Vampiress costume.. I felt the need to do something not so cutsey. All decked out in black leather, with shades of purple. Flexiprim sleeves, and skirt.. and she wears a tophat, with fishnet draped over the face. She holds a particle emitting cane.. and comes with a new howl and eeeeeevil laugh gestures, lol.

Next up is Jeans! Yummy Jeans. Destroyed Fleur Jeans. 4 diff shades, and each one a lil different. Low waisted.. and make ya bootah look

scrumptous.. Worn spots.. scratches.. tears.. you get the idea. Buy seperately, or buy them all cheaper. I have some yummy sweaters soon to be out that looks fantastic with these. Get em!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Potpurri of the week..

First up is Ava Army Girl.. by request. Totally retro, totally sexy. Not as many bells and whistles as the previous costumes, but still cute and original! She does salute with a gesture. Make the men stand at Your attention :-)~

Next up is Naughty Mary.. frilly fluffy.. and downright cute! She carries a particle emitting staff.. and comes with her own little sheep.

New Jewelry! Yes.. I know. finally. This set is called "Inticing" and comes in silver or black. Im so so loving this long choker. Its made up in a simple chain style.. but yet its so elegant, and so sexy.

It comes with a simple bling on, bling off command.. I dont normally do bling.. but ive created this as a natural type of bling.. the kind of barely there twinkle that happens when a gem catches the light.

Last but not least... Ive finally decided to try my hand at some wedding gowns. I totally enjoyed making this! It's more along a traditional gown.. a corset style top, that blends into a bell shaped gown. The gown itself is an dense iridiscent fabric..with a few extra layers of lace that flow arounnd it very delicate like. At he base of the back, are prim flowers.. there are also tiny flowers that decorate the gown.. and veil, which hangs from the underside of the head, to leave room for that perfect hair. To top it all off, are satiny gloves, that strech over the hand in a delicate lace pattern. Pictures do not do it justice. This is my first gown, in what I hope to be a full series.


Saturday, September 30, 2006

Creme Filled!

Introducing the delicious creamy filled "Christy Creme".

Oh my gosh your thinking. Yep. Shes here. Naughty, creamy, and oh so sweet! She comes with all the frills of a cuter than a puppy donut shoppe girl. Frilly lace adorned shoulders, and flexi skirt. Name tag, and tiny donut choker. Something this naughty can't come without deliverin! She carries around a box of fresh creme filled donuts for ya pleasure. Get yours today!!

Be Original this Halloween!

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Soda-Pop Sandra!

Oh. My. Gosh. How cute is this! I just adore it. Ok on to the details! Soda-Pop Sandra, is soo stylishly retro, and cute as heck.. with just a teeny dash of sex appeal. She comes the hat shown, all clothing pieces, and the Soda Tray. The Tray (my FAV piece!) sits comfortably on your hand, with cute bubbly color changing particles, and when clicked, dispenses a drink, exactly as the one she's holding!

I havent mentioned before, but I will now. All my costumes will have a notecard in them, with landmarks and info on what other items I used for the "look". The particular skin, hair shoes, glasses (in this case) and other items. These items certainetly not nessesary, they are just what I suggest to complete the costume.

Be Original this Halloween!!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Most Wanted!

This just in!! Most wanted Inmate from the Penile System!!
Astry has escaped out of her prison!!
Last seen wearing an county orange zippered jumpsuit.
Unzipped to way below modesty. Broken handcuffs may
or may not be visable around her wrists. This gun toting vixen
is to be consider heavily armed and dangerously sexy. If you see anyone
matching this description, please call the authorities.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Trick or Treat!

Cigars?! Cigarettes?
My first of several new Halloween costumes for this year!
"Cigar Girl" is a velvety brown short dress, with poofy shoulders, a shrug
lacy detail on the wrist cuffs and prim flexi skirt. She also wears a boyshort panty
to give just a peek of booty through the skirt. Ohh, la la :)
She comes fully assembled with Cigar Tray.. that dispenses a real
smoking cigar when clicked.
Be original this halloween!
You know where to get it :)

Friday, September 15, 2006


Got yer attention now? :D
Yes, its exposed! A new handpainted leather ensemble. I dont normally DO big sets, but with all the problems that SL has had, and STILL HAS (coughs coughs LL get off ya BUM and FIX em!)
*smile* I wasnt about to make lots of little packages.
Ok, on to the goods. Set includes all shown: shirt/bra crotchless pants (yes!)/panty flexi skirt, flexi arm ribbons, flexi hip ribbons. Dont want a crotchless look? wear the panties with em, they work just fine for me. Crotchless isnt really my thing, but it was requested. I don't really DO requests, but I enjoy a challenge. It comes only in black for now, but i can see making a few diff colors with it. It's sexah, it's hawt, and all that other lingo. So go GET one. Get Exposed you naughty thing!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Human emotion, and a big loss

There have been a rash of posts and accusations and slander amidst the citizens of Second Life of late. What for the most part seems to be miscommunications, and misunderstandings, has ended in quite a few unhappy and heartbroken people. It's sad that things must end the way they do. What's even more sad is that people can turn into such vessles of inhuman emotions and become so hateful to another person. It really makes ya step back and look at how the online world of our lives can be so dominant.

On another note, the SL forums have slowly begin it's death. I will never ever understand why they are doing this. True peoples mouths run like diarrhea at times, the forums hold a ton of valuable information for people. No only did it sure a purpose of a gather place to voice opinions, but people met others, and found new friends (and enemies, lol). I dont know if Ive seen a company kick themselves in the nuts so hard as this one has done.
I'll miss it, it was one of my reading sections every morning with coffee, amoung a few hundred other news sites forums and blogs, lol.
Oh well.. bon voyage Forums.

OH! before I jet out of here, Ive got a new build :) The other was really pissin me off being so unorganized and plain sloppy, so I finally did something about it. Hopefully it will be a big hit with my customers as it is with me. Enjoy!

Friday, September 08, 2006

What a week! and other stuff...

Well, it's been a nonproductive week for me. RL has really been weird and so so exhausting, Ive found it hard to find 5 minutes to think inside my own head, much less create anything. My 1 yr old has hit "seperation anxiety". For a year he has been a daddy's boy, always choosing him over me. When suddenly it's the complete opposite. It's been very hard, and very exhausting and very testing to my patience as a mother. On the other hand, it's very endearing that he needs of me so much, because I know as he grows older, that need will lessen as it has with my 8 yr old. Its a parent thing. On top of all that, Ive had 2 sinus colds back to back, which takes everything out of me. So, as I said before, totally non-productive week.

On a lighter note, did anyone catch the Fashion Rocks show tonight? Wow! That was fun to watch. It was like the MTV Awards, with loads of hot fashion. Which btw.. I was so disappointed in the MTV awards this year, can you say "suckage"? It was a big, unorganized, unentertaining mess. I would have liked to see more of the cloths, I could watch fashion shows all day. It's like a drug, all the fabrics and design and creativity draped on the slender bodies of the models, its so exciting. I know that makes me sound a bit of a weirdo, but other fashion whores know what I mean :)

Are ya ready for some Football????
I am! Bring it on! Woot football season is here... and starting with a BANG! Our Texas Longhorns play Ohio State, on saturday. Should I rephrase.. we will STOMP Ohio State, on saturday :D Ok, well hopefully they do. All the tailgaters are locked and loaded here tonight, in a light rain. It was reported there are approx 30,000 ohio state fans that have flown in to Austin tonight, for the game. Freaky thought.
To add to the football goodness, my team, Philly Eagles play Houston on Sunday. Yes, Im a texas girl, I know I should root texas teams, but I like my eagles. Hopefully we have a great year. In light of football nights, I will be unavailable most if not all of the game dates, as I am usually at a game party/poker tourney. So if anyone needs me, just leave an IM, and I'll get to it as soon as I can.

This turned into a longer post that I intended. Be good folks, have fun, and Hook 'em Horns!!

Friday, September 01, 2006

The more I wore the Diamond Drops choker.. I kept picturing it
dangling from my hips real sexy like. So.. here it be :-)
This one hangs reallllly low, but seriously accentuates
those hips. Ive kinda made a whole set of this diamond
stuff.. you can find a matching choker, and bellyring dangle
in the store, as well as the "how low can ya go" bellychain.
Go get one!

Oh, so, cheeky! Im loving this little bra/boyshort. It's got
just enough fabric covering the right spots, and yet shows them
off at the same time. Kinda got a pinup girl feel to it.
yummo, cheeky-o :-)
EDIT: I totally forgot to add.. these are made in both shirt/pant
and undershirt/underpant layers, so those with
body tats won't have any issues.

Monday, August 28, 2006

a little hindu, a little foo foo

New stuff! Yay! lol. First up is the Diamond Drop
Choker. It's a personal fav of mine.. a recreation of the one that
girl "jackie" from WorkOut on Bravo wears. If anyone... watches.. those strange shows.
She is a little hottie with that attitude I think lol.
Anyhow, here it be!

These are a re-creation of a dress in my collection..
but made into a formal type gown. Nothing too primmy.. just simple
and elegant. Only one color is shown here, but there are
five color choices (I think! oy my brain).
Find them in-store!

It's been a verrrry busy RL, and after having these in my inventory for over a
week, here they are, finally! BellyChains! These have a hindu kinda flavor to them
I think. They hug the belly, rather than hang on the belly. Black Silver, or Gold are the metal
choices.. all with color changeable gems.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

UGH! Who doesn't just love wednesdays anymore???
Well aside from the weekly mayhem, here's a new dress series.
"Summer Nights" is a light, flirty, swishy dress.
Both the prim skirt and underbreast frilly are flexi.
You know where :) Digital Knickers of cos!

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Howdy shoppers :) Ive set out this weekend, new belly jewelry. Eight in total, 3 of which have color changable gems. Enjoy!