Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Human emotion, and a big loss

There have been a rash of posts and accusations and slander amidst the citizens of Second Life of late. What for the most part seems to be miscommunications, and misunderstandings, has ended in quite a few unhappy and heartbroken people. It's sad that things must end the way they do. What's even more sad is that people can turn into such vessles of inhuman emotions and become so hateful to another person. It really makes ya step back and look at how the online world of our lives can be so dominant.

On another note, the SL forums have slowly begin it's death. I will never ever understand why they are doing this. True peoples mouths run like diarrhea at times, the forums hold a ton of valuable information for people. No only did it sure a purpose of a gather place to voice opinions, but people met others, and found new friends (and enemies, lol). I dont know if Ive seen a company kick themselves in the nuts so hard as this one has done.
I'll miss it, it was one of my reading sections every morning with coffee, amoung a few hundred other news sites forums and blogs, lol.
Oh well.. bon voyage Forums.

OH! before I jet out of here, Ive got a new build :) The other was really pissin me off being so unorganized and plain sloppy, so I finally did something about it. Hopefully it will be a big hit with my customers as it is with me. Enjoy!

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