Friday, April 13, 2007

Rebellious Boots

My latest pair of Boots... yummy primmy laced-ness. These are very popular so far :)

Prim Belts!

These are what Ive horded.. I love belts, prim belts, and I made these long ago to wear myself, but Ive gotten so many comments on them... Ive decided to share them with you :)

Jeanssss jeans jeans..

I love a good pair of jeans in SL, and RL! I love a good pair of jeans that really show off a nice tush!

SO thats what I tried to make, in SL. Aside from the normal features of a good pant, they have a comfortable worn look to them, and come in several worn colors. The best feature is the smaller pockets in back, instead of that so common streched out pocket, giving the appearance of a saggy ass, LOL.


Bloodstone Jewelry set..

Small set.. but very pretty I think... necklace and 2 wrist cuffs. Heavy metals, with a bloodstone set in the center...
more to come!