Monday, October 30, 2006

Delilah's Jewels

Im getting the itch again, so be on the look out for all the ways I can torture prims to my delight!

Ok.. Delilah's Jewels! Im totally pleased with this set. Its got a heavy, antique-ish feel to it. Big fat jewels that dangle. I like jewelry you can feel hanging on your body. Real pieces that remind you it's not some chotsky dime store find, although don't get me wrong.. you can find the best bracelets at those places! This particular set is meant to be romantic.. sexy.. erotic even. Wear it for a formal event, or a romantic night out. Or even clad in nothing but sheer sexy things. Shoot throw it on with a tank and jeans, for the "Im pretty but I can still kick ass" look :)

Best part about it?? Yep you guessed it.. color changing jewels! Yes! I love to be able to change the look and feel of jewelry.. and make it your own look.. by matching the jewels to your clothing. Ive taken consideration in the texturing, so the jewels DO color quite beautifully, 66 yum-o colors that really just set off the metal in different shades.

The set in whole comes with:


Two Armbands

Two Bracelets



You know where to get it!

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