Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Enter Bride ...

...of Frankenstein. Im my growing urge to create something creepy, dramatic.. I decided for a Bride for everyones favorite zipperhead. After creating all the right flexi prims for the skirt, and veil.. I began to texture.. and it all was falling into place, except for a skin! I love to model my customes with a skin, and hair.. halloween customes make this ALOT of fun, because everyone is making out of the box things for halloween. So my hunt for a skin began.. when I came across Gala Phoenix's Halloween skins.. OH MAH GUD. Specifically the "Bride" version was exactly what I pictured in this dress. Killer! So then my next hurdle.. hair! What hair would the Bride of Frank wear? After hunting and hunting, I came across Sinnocent Mirabeau's Storm hair. Oh MAH GUD again! Perfect perfect. Totally what I was seeking. Anyway, the final outfit includes the dress shown, veil, blood rose choker, and a prim blood rose that emits particles, held in her hand. There is also a gesture made with the custome, a funny line from the old movie Young Frankenstein, with Gene Wilder.. for a lil bit of humor :-) SO.. you know where to get it.. :-)

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