Tuesday, October 17, 2006

There's no place like Home!

Finally.. Finally..Ive had this for so long.. and finally managed to get all the little pieces and parts ready to package up. I bring you Dorothy! Clad in a gingham blue print, with dense lace. Long knee stockings and poofy shoulders. Just adorable. Ive also had the pleasure of working with Fenom Gasparini of Phenomenom, to create her very own, one of a kind, Ruby Red Slippers! He did a truly superb job on these. The outfit also includes custom gestures, including a "heel click" I mean come'on.. we can't have Dorothy without her clicking her heels in a wish of home!
SO.. You know where to get it! Get it now! Be Original this halloween :)

Enter Bride ...

...of Frankenstein. Im my growing urge to create something creepy, dramatic.. I decided for a Bride for everyones favorite zipperhead. After creating all the right flexi prims for the skirt, and veil.. I began to texture.. and it all was falling into place, except for a skin! I love to model my customes with a skin, and hair.. halloween customes make this ALOT of fun, because everyone is making out of the box things for halloween. So my hunt for a skin began.. when I came across Gala Phoenix's Halloween skins.. OH MAH GUD. Specifically the "Bride" version was exactly what I pictured in this dress. Killer! So then my next hurdle.. hair! What hair would the Bride of Frank wear? After hunting and hunting, I came across Sinnocent Mirabeau's Storm hair. Oh MAH GUD again! Perfect perfect. Totally what I was seeking. Anyway, the final outfit includes the dress shown, veil, blood rose choker, and a prim blood rose that emits particles, held in her hand. There is also a gesture made with the custome, a funny line from the old movie Young Frankenstein, with Gene Wilder.. for a lil bit of humor :-) SO.. you know where to get it.. :-)