Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Potpurri of the week..

First up is Ava Army Girl.. by request. Totally retro, totally sexy. Not as many bells and whistles as the previous costumes, but still cute and original! She does salute with a gesture. Make the men stand at Your attention :-)~

Next up is Naughty Mary.. frilly fluffy.. and downright cute! She carries a particle emitting staff.. and comes with her own little sheep.

New Jewelry! Yes.. I know. finally. This set is called "Inticing" and comes in silver or black. Im so so loving this long choker. Its made up in a simple chain style.. but yet its so elegant, and so sexy.

It comes with a simple bling on, bling off command.. I dont normally do bling.. but ive created this as a natural type of bling.. the kind of barely there twinkle that happens when a gem catches the light.

Last but not least... Ive finally decided to try my hand at some wedding gowns. I totally enjoyed making this! It's more along a traditional gown.. a corset style top, that blends into a bell shaped gown. The gown itself is an dense iridiscent fabric..with a few extra layers of lace that flow arounnd it very delicate like. At he base of the back, are prim flowers.. there are also tiny flowers that decorate the gown.. and veil, which hangs from the underside of the head, to leave room for that perfect hair. To top it all off, are satiny gloves, that strech over the hand in a delicate lace pattern. Pictures do not do it justice. This is my first gown, in what I hope to be a full series.


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