Thursday, November 09, 2006

Neck Lovlies

Here are three new neck "laces" for you to munch on. Bloodstone, Romance Stone, and Opal.

Bloodstone has a gothic flair. Lace, ribbons, chain, and a big fat stone to tie it all in together. The lace wraps tighly around the neck, with the effect of the ribbon tied around for good measure.

Romance stone is a more girly version of Bloodstone. A delicate white lace is used, in conjunction with pink ribbon, and stone. For those a little less dark. The ribbons have a slight flex effect, for realism.

Lastly is the Opal Neck Lace. Im personally in love with this one. It is similiar to the Harlequin Choker, in that it has a flouncy lace neck.. but hanging from it is an opal adorned chain. So elegant, and so sexy. It seems to compliment anything I put on with it.


elka said...

OH HEM GEEEE!! I am deeply in love with opals, and lately I feel so gothy... I had an eye on your new chockers! Now I will have my TWO EYES haha! I love the asymetrical gothic one too, so gorgeous and creative... Way to go, totally on my MUST BUY NOW NOW NOOOOW list :P♥

Pal Platini said...

Neck lovelies, indeed!!!

I'm with elka on the Opal, but Bloodstone also has my name written all over it :D

I know where I'm goin after work tonight!

*big hugs* for Astry