Saturday, December 09, 2006

LImited Edition - Christmas Pasties!!

Tis' the season! This Limited Edition set includes panties, decorated with mistletoe & snowflakes, in 6 christmasy colors, 6 boob covers in matching colors.. and 3 Prim pasties! Snowflakes, Snowmen, or Mistletoe. Mix and match pieces to create your own sexy seasonal look! This will only be around for a short time and gone before the holiday ends.. so get yours today!! Jingle his bells for christmas!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Favorite things continued..

Added two more christmasy jewelry sets! Festive Holly, for a more elegant seasonal look, and Cheery Snowmen for the casual girl with a fun flirty air about her :)

Both sets are chokers, plus earrings. I didnt think anyone would want snowmen, or holly leaves ALL over the body... Sometimes minimal is just as sexy and cute!

You know where to get them!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

My Favorite things..

One of my favorite things about the winter season is snowflakes. No two are alike. Each one as it falls from the sky, changes and molds through layers of cold air and moisture. Sometimes, if your quick, you can see the intricate design of them, as they land on your windows, in the split second before they melt to oblivion. Heres your chance to wear them :D

Cute little primish snowflakes set, Sparkling silver (no bling) dangled from a black velvet choker. Whole set also includes earrings, bellyring, and nipplerings!

You know where :D