Sunday, October 15, 2006

Late weekend posts

Thanks to the grid issue du jour yesterday. Two things.. Velvet Vampiress costume.. I felt the need to do something not so cutsey. All decked out in black leather, with shades of purple. Flexiprim sleeves, and skirt.. and she wears a tophat, with fishnet draped over the face. She holds a particle emitting cane.. and comes with a new howl and eeeeeevil laugh gestures, lol.

Next up is Jeans! Yummy Jeans. Destroyed Fleur Jeans. 4 diff shades, and each one a lil different. Low waisted.. and make ya bootah look

scrumptous.. Worn spots.. scratches.. tears.. you get the idea. Buy seperately, or buy them all cheaper. I have some yummy sweaters soon to be out that looks fantastic with these. Get em!

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