Friday, March 27, 2009


Spring is in the air, DIGITAL KNICKERS style with this cute flirty tied-up corset dress, complete with frilly sleeves, and prim skirt. "Spring Fling" comes in an array of colors:
􀀙Summer Sunsets - vibrant warm reds, with hints of fire and gold tones.
􀀚Oceans Blues - crisp and cool turquoise and seagreen colors
􀀛Dusky Roses - Vintage warm rose colors, with hints of pink petals, and romance.
􀀜Daisies - pure sunshine. Rich browns and golden yellows like a field of daisies.
Each only $250L, available instore now!
Introducing "Scorpio" Stiletto Boots, another boot style from Digital Knickers. Wrapped with chains, opal and turquoise, and black moonstone beads, and tiny revolver. 􀀘
Be on the look out, for a new midnight mania item this week! 􀀝

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

NEW @ Digital Knickers

Ok LAST week new (how was YOUR spring break? ;))
A dusty black suede hats, one with sculpted skulls and roses, encircled with barbed wire (to keep everything on, of course) and a matching black leather belt.
The other style, same dusty style suede, with sculpted winged heart, complete with
sculpt cursive letters spelling "ROCK" on the buckle.


Thursday, March 05, 2009

NEW @ Digital Knickers! {Rock Me!}

ALL the goodies this week come to you with smexy rocker gurl attitude, rawr baby!

Tops, Mules, Belts, jewelry.. goodness rockin' gracious!

BOOTS! Ok.. MULES! To be exact. Sleek, sexy leather clad, and silver studded Mules, YUM!

These come in Two styles, chunky heel, or stiletto heel, and are color menu scripted.

Demos ARE available in-store :)

Rockin' Belts! It's been SO long since Ive done a prim belt, and I have a mind to redo some of the older ones, with sculpts and better techniques. BUT for now, I bring you two IronCross belts, one in black, one in copper.. and a smashing sexy Rocker belt, with a sculpt guitar, and sculpt letters spelling... You guessed it.. "rock" on the face.

Rockin' tanks, made of a sexy curve hugging texture, comes in

a handful of sexy colors, each sold seperately.

ALSO the freebie box has been updated, you can find a cute lil guitar bellyring inside. Get one!
You know where to find em!!!