Friday, September 01, 2006

The more I wore the Diamond Drops choker.. I kept picturing it
dangling from my hips real sexy like. So.. here it be :-)
This one hangs reallllly low, but seriously accentuates
those hips. Ive kinda made a whole set of this diamond
stuff.. you can find a matching choker, and bellyring dangle
in the store, as well as the "how low can ya go" bellychain.
Go get one!

Oh, so, cheeky! Im loving this little bra/boyshort. It's got
just enough fabric covering the right spots, and yet shows them
off at the same time. Kinda got a pinup girl feel to it.
yummo, cheeky-o :-)
EDIT: I totally forgot to add.. these are made in both shirt/pant
and undershirt/underpant layers, so those with
body tats won't have any issues.