Sunday, November 26, 2006

It's Christmas time.. all over!

So, yeah! I don't normally do decor type things for sell, mostly my own enjoyment, and that of my friends. However the mood struck, and here ya go! Some pretty christmas wreaths with colorable bows, Christmasy olde tyme lamps to light pathways. They are a little primmy, but well worth it if you can spare the prims. For the prim concious there is a lighter prim version :)

Hanging icicles, I loveee these! Great for hanging on all the ledges that collect huge ice crystals in deep winter.

Icicle LIGHTS! You have got to see these. Best Ive seen YET in my first year of Second Life. A big strand of those popular icicle lights, with FIVE patterns! Just like the real life lights. Made by Kenbro Utu, aspiring scipter and maker of cool things guru. You must go see! they are copyable so you can line the whole house! IM Kenbro Utu to see about a gift version.

Friday, November 17, 2006




Accessories, pics


Haha.. anyone else laughing at that goofy, made up word do jour?

Ok.. MOVING on, past copybot and all the ugliness that came with it. Accessories for all the lovely chokers Ive released! Six packs to choose from : Armbands, Earrings, Bellyrings, and Bellychains. Mix them up, or wear then all to match.

Happy Turkeyday everyone! Pics to follow.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Digital Knickers is re-opened..

After much deliberation, and joining in protest with many others, we've decided to re-open The Siren's Grotto. I do not support the CopyBot, or anyone that uses it.

Thank you to all who have shared supportive words, and shown your loyalty :)

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Neck Lovlies

Here are three new neck "laces" for you to munch on. Bloodstone, Romance Stone, and Opal.

Bloodstone has a gothic flair. Lace, ribbons, chain, and a big fat stone to tie it all in together. The lace wraps tighly around the neck, with the effect of the ribbon tied around for good measure.

Romance stone is a more girly version of Bloodstone. A delicate white lace is used, in conjunction with pink ribbon, and stone. For those a little less dark. The ribbons have a slight flex effect, for realism.

Lastly is the Opal Neck Lace. Im personally in love with this one. It is similiar to the Harlequin Choker, in that it has a flouncy lace neck.. but hanging from it is an opal adorned chain. So elegant, and so sexy. It seems to compliment anything I put on with it.

Harlequin Neck "Lace"

Ive had several versions of these for a few weeks now.. and am finally happy with how they turned out! A simple.. yet elegant gothic like choker, made with metals, and delicate laces. They cling to your neck, and have a slight flexi to them, for a real lace flutter effect. They are simply to die for! In three colors.. powder pink, powder blue, powder, and black. Keep an eye out for more of these.. hopefully tomarrow.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Lira's Jewels

I bring you Lira's Jewels. Forever the seductress, she still has a heart... a breakable one. She tries to keep it protected by thorns.. and keep men distracted with the gleam of jewels.
This set is created like Delilah's.. thick heavy sexy metals, adorned with antiqeue-ish colorable jewels. The design itself is more of a heart shape.. a thorny heart.
The set includes:
and Bellychain