Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Subscribe-o-Digital Knickers!

Just a little announcement, I have now gone to the subscribe-o-matic system in world. I, personally am at my limit in groups, and this is a great tool to avoid group clutter. It's absolutely free, and so simple to do. At my shop you can find two Updates Signs, simply click once to join, that's it! You will get all my new product notices, as well as special sales notices, and freebies that I have given to the group members. If you wish to unsubscribe, simply click the sign once more, voila!

If ya have any questions on how it works, feel free to IM me, Astry Mirabeau, and I will help as I can.


Here's some gothik goodness for you... shes Isobel. Finely crafted with body clinging fabrics, it's a laced up corset, with two skirt options.... short, or long. The long version is a bit more dramatic, if you will, the skirt only wraps around the back and sides, leaving the front open. A daring, and sexy look. While the shorter skirt covers more, but leaves your long legs for those to gaze upon. You know where to find it!

New @ Digital Knickers!

Yes it's been awhile, I know! RL has kept me very very busy. Without further ado, here's whats new! Necklace set, named Serpent's Cross, was my very first sculpty attempt. After several weeks of messing with it, I was finally happy with the results. Its a heavy cross pendant, with a silver snake wrapped around firmly. For those with windlight, you will see a slight glow to the snake skin.

It comes in 3 gem colors, Ruby, Emerald, or Diamond.