Friday, March 28, 2008

Can You tell i love these kinds of necklaces? :-) Juliet is a very sexy choker style piece, that showcases the neck, a most sexy part of the womans body. Heavy chain adorned with chunk jewels (color change scripted, over 60 colors!) Set also includes a black pearl flexi earring, enough to accentuate the choker, but not steal it's shine. (These are not color change)
Ive also set this necklace out as a display, and (hopefully) you can play with the color change script, before You buy. I like to see the true colors of things, don't You? :)

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter from Digital Knickers!

Happy Easter Everyone!
There are LOTS of goodies grid-wide on this holiday, isnt that so much fun?
Well Digital Knickers is participating too, with its own fun egg hunt. 5 eggs hidden
around the store, all contain pieces for the outfit above, a classic playboy bunny style
costume. Set includes sculpty ears, scuplty shoes, earrings, chokertie, diamond cuffs, fuzzy bunny tail, everything!
There are also two eggs hidden, that contain a gift certificate for Digital Knickers,
worth up to $1000L in merchandise!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Delicious Pearls! This set is made up of sculpty pearls, and huge chunk rock
diamonds (color change scripted!) So so sexy, perfect for
those dancers, or any delighful evening with Your
special "someone" The nipple jewelry has flexi
gemmed "strings" that flow delicately with movement.

New 03/18

Carnal Desire (comes in seven seductive colors)

a full lingerie set, corset, panty, garters and stockings.