Monday, December 15, 2008

Frost Nymph Jewels @ Digital Knickers!

A Frost Nymph just isnt herself without her icy sparkling jewels!
Shimmer, shine and dazzle with this 5-piece jewelry set. Made to match the Frost Nymph, but can be worn seperately. All handmade textures, prims and sculpty used. The set is also scripted color changeable (you can see an interactive demo inworld at Digital Knickers) with over 50 colors.

Frost Nymph @ Digital Knickers!

She'll chill you with her words, and melt you with her heart! This ensemble comes with all pieces of clothing shown, with 7 different possible looks. Flexi skirts, are scripted with the resizer, for ease of fitting. Each piece, both prim and texture are colorable, and take color very well, creating a whole new look. Dress her for the holidays, or that special ball, or any other occasion.

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