Friday, September 15, 2006


Got yer attention now? :D
Yes, its exposed! A new handpainted leather ensemble. I dont normally DO big sets, but with all the problems that SL has had, and STILL HAS (coughs coughs LL get off ya BUM and FIX em!)
*smile* I wasnt about to make lots of little packages.
Ok, on to the goods. Set includes all shown: shirt/bra crotchless pants (yes!)/panty flexi skirt, flexi arm ribbons, flexi hip ribbons. Dont want a crotchless look? wear the panties with em, they work just fine for me. Crotchless isnt really my thing, but it was requested. I don't really DO requests, but I enjoy a challenge. It comes only in black for now, but i can see making a few diff colors with it. It's sexah, it's hawt, and all that other lingo. So go GET one. Get Exposed you naughty thing!