Friday, September 08, 2006

What a week! and other stuff...

Well, it's been a nonproductive week for me. RL has really been weird and so so exhausting, Ive found it hard to find 5 minutes to think inside my own head, much less create anything. My 1 yr old has hit "seperation anxiety". For a year he has been a daddy's boy, always choosing him over me. When suddenly it's the complete opposite. It's been very hard, and very exhausting and very testing to my patience as a mother. On the other hand, it's very endearing that he needs of me so much, because I know as he grows older, that need will lessen as it has with my 8 yr old. Its a parent thing. On top of all that, Ive had 2 sinus colds back to back, which takes everything out of me. So, as I said before, totally non-productive week.

On a lighter note, did anyone catch the Fashion Rocks show tonight? Wow! That was fun to watch. It was like the MTV Awards, with loads of hot fashion. Which btw.. I was so disappointed in the MTV awards this year, can you say "suckage"? It was a big, unorganized, unentertaining mess. I would have liked to see more of the cloths, I could watch fashion shows all day. It's like a drug, all the fabrics and design and creativity draped on the slender bodies of the models, its so exciting. I know that makes me sound a bit of a weirdo, but other fashion whores know what I mean :)

Are ya ready for some Football????
I am! Bring it on! Woot football season is here... and starting with a BANG! Our Texas Longhorns play Ohio State, on saturday. Should I rephrase.. we will STOMP Ohio State, on saturday :D Ok, well hopefully they do. All the tailgaters are locked and loaded here tonight, in a light rain. It was reported there are approx 30,000 ohio state fans that have flown in to Austin tonight, for the game. Freaky thought.
To add to the football goodness, my team, Philly Eagles play Houston on Sunday. Yes, Im a texas girl, I know I should root texas teams, but I like my eagles. Hopefully we have a great year. In light of football nights, I will be unavailable most if not all of the game dates, as I am usually at a game party/poker tourney. So if anyone needs me, just leave an IM, and I'll get to it as soon as I can.

This turned into a longer post that I intended. Be good folks, have fun, and Hook 'em Horns!!