Sunday, November 26, 2006

It's Christmas time.. all over!

So, yeah! I don't normally do decor type things for sell, mostly my own enjoyment, and that of my friends. However the mood struck, and here ya go! Some pretty christmas wreaths with colorable bows, Christmasy olde tyme lamps to light pathways. They are a little primmy, but well worth it if you can spare the prims. For the prim concious there is a lighter prim version :)

Hanging icicles, I loveee these! Great for hanging on all the ledges that collect huge ice crystals in deep winter.

Icicle LIGHTS! You have got to see these. Best Ive seen YET in my first year of Second Life. A big strand of those popular icicle lights, with FIVE patterns! Just like the real life lights. Made by Kenbro Utu, aspiring scipter and maker of cool things guru. You must go see! they are copyable so you can line the whole house! IM Kenbro Utu to see about a gift version.