Saturday, November 04, 2006

Lira's Jewels

I bring you Lira's Jewels. Forever the seductress, she still has a heart... a breakable one. She tries to keep it protected by thorns.. and keep men distracted with the gleam of jewels.
This set is created like Delilah's.. thick heavy sexy metals, adorned with antiqeue-ish colorable jewels. The design itself is more of a heart shape.. a thorny heart.
The set includes:
and Bellychain


Vy Nakamachi Design said...

Astry I really love this set! I will be by to pick it up ASAP. The detail is so feminine.

Pal Platini said...

Lira's Jewels are perfection. I'm just blown away.. so perfect says it best! I also enjoy your blog very much.

Astry said...

Thank you! :)) It's a joy to see others who totally like something Ive made as much as me, hehe.