Tuesday, February 26, 2008

New @ Digital Knickers 2/26

New this week!
What mood are YOU in? Sexy new sculpty jewelry in the shop! Beautiful shiny chains, with big diamond stones, very heavy and real feeling.. yet very sexy and feminine.

Akira - A dear friend of mine pulled up a picture, and said "MAKE THAT" lol so.. here Ya go. Having said that.. I dont mind taking suggestions for clothing at all!
So if some photo strikes your fancy, send it to me, IN A NOTECARD PLEASE!!!
And if I create it, You get it free :-)
ANYHOOT.. Akira is tintable.. suede feeling dress, with sculpty sleeves, and flexi skirt.
Very sexy.
Ive also finally finished some skins weeee!... 2 skin tones.. come check them out :)
Astry Mirabeau Digital Knickers