Thursday, May 22, 2008

Digital Knickers 05/22

Karayan is a very sexy, very alluring chainmail dress. Heavy, dense chains, yet slinky to the touch. This dress hugs the bust tightly, and flows gently, accentuating the hips. The sleeves are sculpty, and flared to show off the shoulders, and the wrists, give Him more to gaze at :-)

The advert really doesn't do it justice, the texture you wont be dissappointed with. It is also -completely- colorable.. see image:

with a few simple clicks You can create a whole different attitude with this dress! As you can see it holds colors very well, from dark to light shades.
That's all for this week.. TGIF!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Digital Knickers 05/20 "Mariah" in White.

I don't normally make white clothing.. I dont even really wear white in RL.. but I couldnt help making the "Mariah" dress in a shorter, white version, after revamping "Leather & Laces"in said color. So with a few minor changes to the style, "Mariah in White" keeps the same sexy, and intimate flair, completely soaked with come hither goodness.

Digital Knickers 05/20

White, is the new Black? At least for me this week it seems to be!
Leather & Laces is a older outfit, but still a huge seller for me, and Ive had many
requests to vamp this in white.. so.. here she is :)

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Digital Knickers 05/17 -- "Mariah"

Heavy velvety fabrics, and sheer panels make up this sexy ensemble. The bust is a teddy style, with a sheer panel to show just enough to make him ponder.. with rich lace applique, form fitted into a heavy velvet skirt (featuring the prim resizer, for more ease of fitting skirts to your avatar!) You can almost hear a thick swish as you walk, leaving you feeling elegant, and royal. The set also converts to a lingerie set.. go from a romantic dinner, to an intimate night. Wear the teddy alone, with stockings, or pair it with a tiny frilly "hip skirt" (also featuring the prim resizer!) for a more sexy appeal. Either way with this garment, you will not dissappoint!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Sexy Second TOP 50!!

was featured in SexySecond Magazines TOP 50!! a MILLION thank Yous to Jamie Wheeler for giving me a heads up on this. Im not up on all the magazines as i should be, but wow, oh wow what a suprise!
I *think* its page 57, take a look with the link below:
Anyhow, the outfit featured can be found in the store, for 1L for the next few weeks, and if i can manage it, ill do some other colors of it as well!


Happy May Everyone!!
Back from vacation (and boy do i need a vacation to recover!)and trying to get back into the swing of things!
Today's newness!
Masqurade's Eve - in 4 colors!

Feathery Flexi skirt, sculpted wrist cuffs, accent this beautiful boned corset that can be worn a variety of ways! Set includes glitch pants, panty and bra. ((Shoes from Maitreya go perfectly with the outfit!!))

Friday, May 02, 2008

Ayana Silks - Ayana is an ethiopian name, meaning beautiful flower. With this I created an asthetically pleasing sculpty rose, with many folds, and petals. The set offers 3 types of breast covers. One being a prim sculpty "harness". It rides around the back, and under the breast, to both hold and showcase the body. Another option, features the sculpty rose that lays beautifully on the breast, and the third features both styles together (as seen in the advert) The set is also color change scripted, and tested, it holds all colors beautifully. I have also taken great care in the size of the prims, so it should be easily resizeable for those with smaller, or larger frames. I also have this set up in the store, so You can see the primwork before You buy :)