Thursday, April 19, 2007


Another couple of things to take a gander at this week!
Hell's Angel - shes not for the faint of heart! Four looks in one with this versatile outfit. Mesh Pants, or Pants w/prim legs, a seriously cheeky flexi skirt, or wear alone panty. The pant legs are cutout with embroidered flames, as well as the lower back (sexy!!) and gloves. The skin clinging halter top shows enough skin to make them want more.
Hell's Angel's Boots! Modelled after her pants, these tall black leather boots are sexy, but sturdy enough to kick ass. Prim detailing of flame silhouettes, with a dangerous stiletto heel.
Three new in the accessories dept. Revolver Bellyring, and Revolver Leather Belt.. the Belt is my favorite. The texturing came out delish I think, with real leather flexi ties that dangle. Or something a little less with the bellyring. Then ya have the Hell's Angel Belt.. Prim detailed belt that matches, but isnt required with the Hells Angel outfit.... shoot.. any of them would work if your looking to totally accessorize. Enjoy!

Friday, April 13, 2007

Rebellious Boots

My latest pair of Boots... yummy primmy laced-ness. These are very popular so far :)

Prim Belts!

These are what Ive horded.. I love belts, prim belts, and I made these long ago to wear myself, but Ive gotten so many comments on them... Ive decided to share them with you :)

Jeanssss jeans jeans..

I love a good pair of jeans in SL, and RL! I love a good pair of jeans that really show off a nice tush!

SO thats what I tried to make, in SL. Aside from the normal features of a good pant, they have a comfortable worn look to them, and come in several worn colors. The best feature is the smaller pockets in back, instead of that so common streched out pocket, giving the appearance of a saggy ass, LOL.


Bloodstone Jewelry set..

Small set.. but very pretty I think... necklace and 2 wrist cuffs. Heavy metals, with a bloodstone set in the center...
more to come!

Monday, April 02, 2007

Two new outfits

Its been a while since I did clothing.. for sell that is. Im always making clothes to wear, so I dug two of those sets out and readied them for sale! Both are leathery, and lacy, and super sexy. Showing off the midriff section, and those long legs.
I usually take the tops, and pair em up with my fav prim jeans and voila.. good to go!

Sunday, April 01, 2007


Been working on these for a few weeks now.. finally got them how I wanted them, so I could wear em! LOL. Three styles of boots.. they look great tucked into pants.. or worn with the new prim jeans that have swept the grid.
You know where to find em!