Saturday, May 09, 2009


New this week @ Digital Knickers!

"Joolie" Is a take on a punky, maybe a little gothy, rebellious kind of girl.
With a tight little black sweater, and a prim tartan skirt, shes full
of attitude with her rolled down kneehigh socks, and chunky heels.

Also in the mix this week, the "Affliction" jewelry set. A prim necklace and earring combo, you will find is highly decorated and designed with small prims. The heart in both necklace and earrings is color scripted, to suit your mood.
A new Midnight Mania item has been added in the store this week! We are in the season of hot sunny days, and breezy afternoons by the pool, and this hot little number will start you off right!
A sexy simple bikini, of python print, with matching sculpted sarong, and flipflops.
You know where to find it!

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