Thursday, February 12, 2009


News at Digital Knickers!!! The move is done, the dust has settled, and Digital Knickers
is ready for YOU! This past week, I was invited to do an interview for's Angie Mornington, on her show, Fab Fashion. Much to my suprise, it was a total blast, and I thank her, and all the staff at for the oppurtunity!!
One of the lingerie sets featured on the show, "Crush" wasnt at the time released in store. However it has been put at the door, in a freebie box, stop by and grab one!
Also this week, BOOTS! I have taken two older boots and revamped them with sculpty prims
and gave them an overall fresher look.
Also new, "Gemini" a sexy hot wedge heel biker boot! I am in total love with this style,
the texture, the straps, everything! These are actually scripted with a menu, for 7 delicious color changes (hot pink, grape, red, moonlight blue, java, emerald, and black). These boots are
mod/copy/ NO TRANSFER.
See You there!! Digital Knickers

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