Thursday, May 22, 2008

Digital Knickers 05/22

Karayan is a very sexy, very alluring chainmail dress. Heavy, dense chains, yet slinky to the touch. This dress hugs the bust tightly, and flows gently, accentuating the hips. The sleeves are sculpty, and flared to show off the shoulders, and the wrists, give Him more to gaze at :-)

The advert really doesn't do it justice, the texture you wont be dissappointed with. It is also -completely- colorable.. see image:

with a few simple clicks You can create a whole different attitude with this dress! As you can see it holds colors very well, from dark to light shades.
That's all for this week.. TGIF!!

1 comment:

Funky Kim said...

Yes, Astry, it is lovely. This may be what I need to get my love life back on track, LOL! But, joking apart, what I love most of the photo, is your avi's shape. Did you create it yourself? Did you buy it? If you don't mind, I'd appreciate a LM very much! :-)