Thursday, April 19, 2007


Another couple of things to take a gander at this week!
Hell's Angel - shes not for the faint of heart! Four looks in one with this versatile outfit. Mesh Pants, or Pants w/prim legs, a seriously cheeky flexi skirt, or wear alone panty. The pant legs are cutout with embroidered flames, as well as the lower back (sexy!!) and gloves. The skin clinging halter top shows enough skin to make them want more.
Hell's Angel's Boots! Modelled after her pants, these tall black leather boots are sexy, but sturdy enough to kick ass. Prim detailing of flame silhouettes, with a dangerous stiletto heel.
Three new in the accessories dept. Revolver Bellyring, and Revolver Leather Belt.. the Belt is my favorite. The texturing came out delish I think, with real leather flexi ties that dangle. Or something a little less with the bellyring. Then ya have the Hell's Angel Belt.. Prim detailed belt that matches, but isnt required with the Hells Angel outfit.... shoot.. any of them would work if your looking to totally accessorize. Enjoy!

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